An open letter to Turn off the red light.

Please consider signing this letter.

everyday whorephobia

This is the text of a mail we shall be sending to TORL about their whorephobic “prostitution ad”. There are many issues with it, but of greatest immediate concern is the suggestion that assaults and rapes of sex workers are not crimes. If you would like to add your name* to the letter before we send it, please do so via the comments. *working names are fine.

We the undersigned wish to express our extreme opposition to the parody advert produced by  your organisation. Of particular concern are the statements “NOTE: Accusations of rape will be treated as a breach of contract by employee” and “NO RESPONSIBILITY OR LEGAL REDRESS FOR THE FOLLOWING ON THE JOB HAZARDS:” For a charity to be suggesting that the abuse of sex workers is not illegal, or that sex workers are not able to be raped is simply unacceptable.

Furthermore as discussed by Balfour…

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