Got Condoms?

Hi Friends!

For many years we have received free condoms from the health department. Condoms are crucial to our mission of providing harm reduction to services to women working in the sex trade.

The health department is only able to provide us with the condoms pictured. While these condoms are totally awesome for many people, they are not ideal for folks in the sex trade.
Sex workers, even survival sex workers, have a right to take pride in the work they do. Providing a “FREE” condom to a client isn’t a cute look for us.

We are reaching out, especially to those of you connected with AIDS Service Org’s, who might have access to regular size “male” condoms to share with us.

Please let us know if you can hook us up! We prefer Lifestyle brand, but are open to others. Please contact or message us.

Project SAFE

One thought on “Got Condoms?

  1. Just wondering, I can imagine that Phillysafe is a non-profit organization. With that said, I am thinking if you could write or call some of the Major companies like trojan or lifestyles and see if they would donate so many condoms? I am thinking that the amount needed would knock them down a tax bracket and also give them a tax-write off as well. I am sure those companies would have allotments for programs and situations such as these. The only question is who to contact within the company to get the project rolling.

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