Let’s End AIDS in Pennsylvania by 2020 – Call Gov. Wolf today!

From our friends at ACT-UP Philadelphia 

Governor Wolf could become the 3rd governor to announce that his state will see an end to the epidemic by 2020. Can you call on him today at 717 787 2500 to make a public statement that Pennsylvania can end the AIDS epidemic, and keep his promises on HIV?

Call the Governor’s Office at 717 787 2500 and tell them,

“Hi, my name is [insert your name] and I live in [insert your city/county], and I’m calling on Governor Wolf to End AIDS in Pennsylvania by 2020, like Gov. Cuomo of New York and Gov. Inslee of Washington have pledged. Pennsylvania has the resources to drastically reduce HIV transmissions and start bringing the AIDS epidemic to an end. I have admired the Governor’s public commitments to fight HIV in a number of ways, and urge him to make a public statement that he will pledge to end the epidemic by 2020, and convene a task force of people living with HIV/AIDS and public health professionals to make a concrete plan to End AIDS in Pennsylvania by 2020.”

When Governor Wolf was still on the campaign trail, his campaign met with members of AIDS service and activist groups across the state and discussed a platform of steps that we believe will pave the way to ending the AIDS crisis* in Pennsylvania by 2020.

Governor Wolf has already agreed to many of our points. Now that he has been sworn into office and is preparing his first budget, make his first legislative proposals, and crafting his first executive statements, it’s time for him to take the first steps towards meeting his campaign promises!

Thank you so much for all that you do to ACT UP, FIGHT BACK, FIGHT AIDS!

*We believe that the science and know-how are there to drastically reduce new infection rates and reduce the viral loads of those already infected to undetectable — if we can make HIV undetectable in the state by 2020, the end of AIDS will be right around the corner.”

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