Do you have 2 minutes for the rights of people in the sex trade?

Dear Supporters,

Amnesty International has spent two years consulting and conducting researching in several countries – including the United States of America – around how to address the violence and other human rights violations against sex workers, the conclusion was they would adopt a policy supporting decriminalisation of sex work as a protective measure for protecting the human rights of sex workers and in particular addressing the violence that female, male and transgender sex workers face across the world. The policy is to be considered and voted upon at their International Council Meeting on 6 August 2015.

However the Coalition Against Trafficking Women has initiated a campaign, supported by a number of high profile celebrities to block the policy.

We are asking our supporters to join us in supporting the proposed policy by signing this petition from the Global Network of Sex Work Projects. This letter can be found here. Please consider sharing this among your networks to continue to raise awareness and garner support.

A letter of support (or many letters) are immensely welcome, as well. In particular, letters highlighting the health, human rights and harm reduction impact of decriminalizing sex work and the importance of promoting sex workers’ human rights. It would be helpful if it also noted that the policy was developed after 2 years of consultation and debate. Sample letters can be found here.

The letter can be addressed to AI’s  director, Salil Shetty (

In solidarity,

Project SAFE

red umbrella

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