New! A Group for Survivors of Sexual Violence

Julia Gottlieb, LCSW and Dr. Cynthia Closs, DSW, are forming a therapy group for female identified persons 18 years or older who have survived sexual violence. This group’s intention is to provide affirming space in which persons collaboratively work to identify emotional needs, improve upon self-care, personal safety, and self-soothing strategies, safely share narratives and emotional experiences while offering and receiving authentic support. Additionally, this group will emphasize methods to promote empowerment and resilience and discuss techniques to strengthen voice.

Further, the group will attend to sexual violence that was experienced during late adolescence and/or adulthood and we are asking that each group participant remain in individual therapy as a means of addressing issues that would be most effectively processed in individual treatment. Ideally, group participants will have had no inpatient psychiatric hospitalizations over the past six months and will have an established recovery and/or harm reduction plan to support abstinence or decrease substance misuse. Additional specifics about group can be found on the attached flyer and below:

Group Information

Location:       525 South 4th Street Philadelphia, PA 19147

Start Date:     Monday, January 4, 2016

Fee:                 $50.00 per session (sliding scale payment is available!)

Group:             6-8 participants, closed group, 12 sessions

If you have a client who has survived sexual violence and may benefit from group support, please feel free to contact Cynthia Closs, DSW, LCSW at 215.694.2383 or or Julia Gottlieb, LCSW at or 484.362.9792. We will be happy to share more information about group and discuss the referral process.

Julia Gottlieb is a licensed clinical social worker who has experience working with folks around gender, trauma, grief & loss, depression, anxiety and HIV/AIDS. Julia is dedicated to creating a safe and non-judgmental space to build and nurture a therapeutic relationship conducive to personal growth using a trauma-informed practice that involves a psychodynamic, feminist and humanistic approach. She received her Master of Social Service from Bryn Mawr College.

Cynthia Closs earned her Clinical Doctor of Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania and has been a practicing clinical social worker for over ten years. She has a deep commitment to working with persons who have survived sexual violence, trauma, and abuse, work with persons of trans*/queer experience, and persons in varying stages of recovery from addiction. Cynthia has completed post graduate training in both gestalt therapy and psychodynamic psychotherapy and incorporates feminist, harm reduction, and social justice lenses into her clinical work. Most recently, Cynthia was the Sexual Assault Counseling and Education Coordinator for Temple University’s Tuttleman Counseling Services and a behavioral health consultant for Philadelphia FIGHT’s John Bell Health Center.

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