The Real Impact of the Swedish Model / “End Demand” on Sex Workers

We receive a number of questions about the Swedish Model, Partial Decriminalization, End Demand Initiatives. In these approaches, criminal penalties are not leveraged against sex workers, but those who purchase sexual services and third-parties, such as market facilitators. While a welcome concept in practice, such an approach hold many risks for the sellers of sex, and continues to marginalize and oppresse sex workers, survival sex workers and survivors of sex trafficking in many ways. We hope you will consider reading this report from the Global Network of Sex Work Projects:

This is a 13-page summary of the Advocacy Toolkit: The Real Impact of the Swedish Model on Sex Workers. It is a collection of fact sheets and advocacy tools on the harmful Swedish model. It can be used to challenge the widespread promotion of this detrimental legal and political approach to the regulation of sex work.

Contents include:

  • Sweden’s Abolitionist Understanding, and  Modes of Silencing Opposition
  • Impacts of the Sex Purchase Law: Street- Based Sex Work and Levels of Sex Work
  • Impacts of the Swedish Model’s Justifying Discourses on Service Provision
  • Impacts of Other Legislation and Policy – The Danger of Seeing  the Swedish Model in a Vacuum
  • Right to Work and Other Work-Related  Human Rights
  • Sex work and the Right to Health
  • Sex Work and  Arbitrary Interference with Families
  • Sex Work and  Violence: Obligations of the State

You can download this 13-page PDF above.

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