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If you want to research our community, please read this first.

If you are interested in a speaking engagement please consider offering a fee or stipend, especially if you hope to prioritize learning from someone with lived experience surviving street economies. The majority of our volunteers and participants do not have the financial ability to do labor for free. In many ways, sharing your experience is a far more taxing experience than coming as an ‘expert,’ as it requires talking about the intimate details of your life and exposing yourself to potentially traumatic or difficult questions about that intimate life. When people cannot be paid for this labor, it significantly lessens the chances of you getting folks with a range of race, class, and gender identities to speak about their experiences, not to mention folks with disabilities, parents, and poor folks. (thanks to Persist Health Project for this analysis) 

Beyond this, please feel free to contact us with feedback or questions (there is no need to fill out this form if you signed up for our mailing list!).  You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.


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