Stay Safe

Safety Tips 

This is a harm reduction-based health guide for safer sex work in Philadelphia. It contains both educational material and information that might reduce the risks involved with prostitution.  Decide what’s best for you.


1. Wear shoes that you can run in or that come off easily.
2. Don’t wear anything around your neck that could be used to strangle you, like necklaces.
3. Wear small earrings, clip-ons, or none at all.
4. Wear clothing that doesn’t have to be removed for sex.
5. Don’t carry a weapon that can be taken from and used against you.
6. Using female condoms gives you more control. You can put one in before leaving the house and working. You can use a female condom up to six hours after inserting it. This is a good option for dealing with men who are resistant to using a regular male condom.
7. Condoms are legal in PA.
8. Brush your teeth, douche, or use enemas AFTER work, if at all, NOT before or between clients because tiny cuts or scrapes resulting from the douche, enema or toothbrush make you more vulnerable to diseases.


  •  Trust your gut
  •  Be aware of your surroundings – pick your own settings.
  •  Make sure the client is alone.
  •  Have a clear idea of what the client has in mind.
  •  Negotiate prices and services outside of the car.
  •  Get your money up front and keep it separate from the rest of your money until you leave the client so if he robs you, he won’t take everything.
  •  Check for broken door handles or locks before getting into the car.
  •  Try not to turn tricks in a desperate frame of mind.

Buddy System:

  •  While working, find a partner who will know where you are or how long you’ll be.
  •  If you don’t have a partner, fake it and pretend that you do by shouting out what time you’ll be back.
  •  ANY INFO like license plate number or color and make of car that your partner knows could be helpful in times of crisis.
  • Share information with other women (example: description of a bad client).

When Working:

  • Try to be on top during intercourse – you’ll have more control.
  • Use LOTS of lube to prevent tearing (especially when using drugs because they dry you out).
  • Urinate frequently – having sex with a full bladder can cause a bladder infection.
  • Try to put a condom on with your mouth if the client doesn’t want to use one.
  • If you must perform oral sex without a condom, gargle with liquor, mouthwash, or peroxide afterward. This doesn’t prevent the transmission of STDs or blood borne diseases, but it can’t hurt.
  • Don’t let the client put his fingers into your rectum first and then into your vagina.
  • If attacked – use your voice and speed instead of strength and run toward lights and traffic.

Bodily Fluids:

The body has lots of fluids. Some are more harmful than others. A few hints:

  •  Hepatitis B, C, and HIV may be in menstrual blood.
  • What mom eats, drinks, and inhales gets passed through breast milk.
  • Dry or wet blood can carry Hepatitis for up to 3 weeks.
  • Dental dams or non-microwavable saran wrap should cover the vagina for oral sex on a female or cover the anus during anal rimming.
  •  Hepatitis, HIV and baby-making sperm is in pre-cum and ejaculate, and every guy pre-cums before he ejaculates.

Get tested regularly for HIV, STDs, and Hepatitis C. Information never hurts! Ask one of the health resources about your options.


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